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Handy way to split MS Word files by page

in How To MS Word · 1 min read

I was looking for a way to create dynamically the files for RePEc for an academic journal starting from a CSV file. I used MS Word mail merge function that generated a big file, each record (future

Building secure PHP applications in 2018

in Php · 1 min read

The Paragon Initiative Blog has a new post with their tips and tricks, things to avoid on building secure PHP applications. As they mention, This guide should serve as a complement to the e-book,

PHP Composer crashes while updating

in Php · 1 min read

I was running a small Digital Ocean server (512 MB RAM) for a side project and got to the problem that I could not use composer update after pushing changes related to the use of new packages.

Easy to use Browser Geo Location Script

in Javascript · 1 min read

Recently, I have been in need to use a geo location feature for a small tool for finding nearby doctors. Here you can find the HTML and the Javascript doing the work for me