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Building secure PHP applications in 2018

by Catalin

The Paragon Initiative Blog has a new post with their tips and tricks, things to avoid on building secure PHP applications. As they mention, This guide should serve as a complement to the e-book, PHP: The Right Way, with a strong emphasis on security and not general PHP programme ...

PHP Composer crashes while updating

by Catalin

I was running a small Digital Ocean server (512 MB RAM) for a side project and got to the problem that I could not use composer update after pushing changes related to the use of new packages. Fortunately, I got into this that saved the day. I am sharing it, maybe it will save yo ...

PHP convert CSV to associative arrays

by Catalin

Something handy when importing CSV files: This will yield something like this – keys are the fields/ table header of the CSV file. [2] => Array ( [Campaign ID] => 295095038 [Ad group ID] => 22460178158 [Keyword ID] => 3993587178 )

Yii - bypassing beforeSave()

by Catalin

If you have defined in your model some “actions” / “mutators” in your, beforeSave method there is a simple way to prevent that these actions to take place in certain cases when you need that. For example, having a Company model and a field, unpaid_invoices_count that you are upda ...