Hello World!

I am Catalin - web developer, father of two terrific twin boys, husbant and constant learner!

I live in Oradea, Romania I am a self-taught web developer (PHP mainly) and passionate about all things related to the topic but also on the startups world.

I am Laravel enthusiast - that I use in most of my projects at work and also on side projects. I also love to involve in dev ops and web apps architecture, API design/development, and integrations, payment processors integrations.

You can see more about my activity on my linkedin profile.


I work at a local web studio 11Digits were we create great experiences for small to medium businesses and startups from marketing websites (mainly WordPress projects) to medium/large web applications / CRM / ERP. So if you are in need of something like this, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

We are also trying to develop our own products, one of them being Inpreto.com a great tool to manage your customers, invoices, quotes, estimates and expenses/income.

Side Projects

One of my side projects, is confdesk.com - a web application that aims to help people running call for papers, call for speakers for conferences, symposiums, sending invites, running peer reviews with their editor/reviewers, payments, reports, badges, etc - the current aim is to have a beta version by March 2018. The app is running a first version which is very old (10 years old code base and design) but the new version is meant to run as a subscription-based service/software.


Starting October 2017 I started to volunteer with the great team from Code4Romania as tech lead for a local community project (E-Services Platform Bihor) If everything works well, when it will be done and running for the county I live in, it will be applied in several other countries in Romania.


As time permits I also do freelancing on small/medium size projects - preferably backend/server-side tasks.

This blog

During the past 10-12 years, I have started several blogs, at the very early stage of blogging in Romania, dropped in several times because writing is not really me. But, the aim of my posts here is to share my findings, from my work, sharing solutions that I have found for problems that I got into. Many might be outdated but new to me but that way practicing writing helps improving it and helps me find the solution to a problem easier next time.

Get in touch

You can find more about my findings, stuff that gets me busy and you can also send me direct messages via twitter @czmole

A quote that I find inspiring for all the stuff you are doing/working on in this life, about doing the stuff you do with passion.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. - Maya Angelou