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Quick GIT tip — fix .gitignore untracked files

in How To Git

Let’s say you’ve added by mistake a folder to your repo, you want to remove it from tracking and, of course, you are adding it to your .gitignore file. But…. pff, git continues to track it… 😟 Here are a few lines to run to start fresh and have all git-ignored files untracked for ...

Handy way to split MS Word files by page

in How To MS Word

I was looking for a way to create dynamically the files for RePEc for an academic journal starting from a CSV file. I used MS Word mail merge function that generated a big file, each record (future .rdf file for RePEc) on a different page, separated by a page break. Next I needed ...

Building secure PHP applications in 2018

in Php

The Paragon Initiative Blog has a new post with their tips and tricks, things to avoid on building secure PHP applications. As they mention, This guide should serve as a complement to the e-book, PHP: The Right Way, with a strong emphasis on security and not general PHP programme ...