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How to get distinct values from an array of objects in JavaScript?


Let's say you have an array of objects like follow and you would like to get distinct values based on a key - property of the object.

Let's consider to have this list:

const list = [{
	group: 'A',
	name: 'Peter'
}, {
	group: 'B',
	name: 'Robert'
}, {
	group: 'A',
	name: 'Julia'
}, {
	group: 'B',
	name: 'Lee'

And you would like to have as a result an array of unique group names, in this case ['A', 'B']

A simple solution that I have found is to use Set and map to create the list with your results:

let unique = [...new Set(list.map(item => item.group))];

I have put here a codepen that would allow to test.

If we would like to actually get distinct unique objects based on the group property then we could do something like this:

let unique = [...new Map(list.map(item => [item['group'], item])).values()];

You can see the results in the same codepen snippet.

In terms of performance, in the same thread that I found these solutions you can see a comparison on using dictionary approach vs map and filter.

The example is very nice using a bigger data set and you will find out that the dictionary approuch is much much faster, even if it is not a one line code. Here is the answer I am talking about https://stackoverflow.com/a/15125953/944397

And the example that looks between 1000 items instead of 3 to compare the speed (it's in the above answer but thought to mention it separatelly also) https://jsperf.com/filter-vs-dictionary-more-data