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Quick GIT tip — fix .gitignore untracked files

by Catalin

Let’s say you’ve added by mistake a folder to your repo, you want to remove it from tracking and, of course, you are adding it to your .gitignore file. But…. pff, git continues to track it… 😟 Here are a few lines to run to start fresh and have all git-ignored files untracked for ...

Handy way to split MS Word files by page

by Catalin

I was looking for a way to create dynamically the files for RePEc for an academic journal starting from a CSV file. I used MS Word mail merge function that generated a big file, each record (future .rdf file for RePEc) on a different page, separated by a page break. Next I needed ...

Prevent Firefox startup freeze when using multiple tabs

by Catalin

By default, when starting up Firefox it will reload all tabs inside, including pinned tabs. This is crazy sometimes if you have a lot of such tabs (I do :P mostly I use this as temporary bookmark/return to some page in a short time or for Gmail tabs) There are these preferences f ...